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Say “hello” to bēacn!

So who is bēacn and what is their mission? This article dives into everything you need to know about bēacn and their plan to guide businesses down a better path towards success. 

Who is bēacn?

bēacn is composed of business consultants, software developers, software architects, and industry specialists who have cobbled together more than 50 years of enterprise software experience. Every need a business has related to enterprise software can be handled, in-house, by the bēacn team. We are a true one-stop show for your back-end needs.

What is our mission?

bēacn’s core mission is to improve the experience between end-users and their enterprise software so that they can leverage the latest software tools effectively for their business. In addition to helping businesses get the most out of their software, bēacn is also committed to improving the experience around acquiring and implementing these tools.

How do we plan to carry out this mission?

Introducing, Solutions-as-a-Service! 

Years of enterprise software experience made it clear to us that the SaaS model was not complete. The implementation of core-business SaaS solutions still requires a heavy up-front fee, has a considerable failure rate, and has a tendency to leave users stranded and confused once the implementation partner finishes the implementation. 

Solutions-as-a-Service from bēacn is an extension of the SaaS model that brings you great software at low up-front prices, but we’ve extended that philosophy to cover the implementation and support of software post-go-live. 

Here’s how it works in practice: The bēacn team will work with you to pick out the right software packages for your needs, then help you make the purchase, then help you set them up, and then stick around to help with support and to ensure best-practices are followed throughout the critical months after go-live. All for one low monthly fee-software, implementation, training, and support. 

This system has a number of advantages, including:

  • Gets rid of one of the biggest upfront costs of upgrading core business software 
  • Organizes and consolidates all the ancillary costs of upgrading core business software 
  • Reduces the financial burden of a failed implementation 
  • Incentivizes bēacn to always think long-term with their clients and fosters a genuine partner-partner relationship

We’re just getting started!

bēacn is here and we’re just getting started!

Solutions-as-a-Service is just the beginning. bēacn will always look for ways to guide businesses towards a better path. Whether that be through partners, services, or building applications from scratch, we’re here to illuminate the world of enterprise software and give opportunity to businesses like they never experienced before.

Our first partnership is with a competent and capable business management suite known as Acumatica. This partnership puts a powerful tool in the hands of our consultants and developers as well as gives us a framework to build our own solutions, services, and applications on.

With Acumatica,bēacn is well on its way to achieving its mission. Keep an eye on us. There will be more partnerships and services to come!

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