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At bēacn, we’re proud to call ourselves a partner to Acumatica and proud to operate as a value added Acumatica reseller partner. As a top tier and leading cloud-based ERP solution, Acumatica offers a robust, fluid platform that can transform businesses of all sizes. As a dedicated Acumatica reseller partner, we’re excited to deliver the best possible experience to our clients.

Our partnership with Acumatica allows us to offer a complete business management solution that can help businesses streamline their operations, consolidate SaaS solutions, improve visibility, enter the cloud and drive growth. We believe with the power of Acumatica small and mid-size business are able to compete with the large brands. And we’re passionate about helping our clients realize their full potential with the Acumatica solution. Our team of seasoned consultants have deep knowledge of the Acumatica platform and are committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet the bespoke needs of each client.

At bēacn, we’re more than just an Acumatica reseller partner – we’re your trusted consultant and solution provider. Our aim is to help you make the most of your investment in Acumatica, and to deliver on the promises of the platform as well as ROI. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing business  system or implement a new one, we’re here to help. Let us show you how Acumatica and our expert consulting services can transform your business.

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Full-Service Acumatica Reseller 

The bēacn team is full of experienced business consultants, Acumatica architects, Acumatica functional experts, software developers, and administrative support staff. 

With these resources on staff bēacn is able to offer a full-suite of services to its Acumatica clients.


  • Consulting and Licensing 
  • Implementation
  • Integration and Customization 
  • Post-Go-Live Support and Training
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Why Acumatica?

There are dozens of business management suites to choose from. Why did bēacn choose Acumatica? There are more than a few reasons for this. 

1. We believe Acumatica’s Consumption based pricing model is the most fair pricing model for both user and provider in the industry. 

2. Acumatica is the only enterprise-grade business management suite that offers its users a 10 point “Customer Bill of Rights” complete with the right to support, control of their data, and much more.

3. Acumatica University is a free training resource that Acumatica put a lot of time into. Our years of experience in the ERP industry has shown us first-hand that trained users are the key to production adoption, ROI, and ultimately success with any business management suite. 

4. Acumatica offers the most flexibility for its users in the industry. Users can choose to deploy on-premise, in Acumatica’s cloud, or in the cloud of their choosing. As well as choose their own pricing model and upgrade schedule. 

These are just a few reasons we chose to partner with Acumatica. Be sure to ask us more in person when we meet. 

Why Did Acumatica Choose bēacn?

Acumatica chose bēacn to be an Acumatica channel partner for a number of good reasons. 

1. Industry experience. The beacn team brings together over 50 years of ERP industry experience onto one team. When it comes to business management solutions we have done and seen it all.

2. A balanced team. As mentioned earlier, bēacn has the mix of business experts, technical experts, and Acumatica experts to provide true value in the space and to Acumatica customers. 

3. Organization. Acumatica took the time to review our processes and go to market strategy in relation to a potential partner and was excited for us to get started. 

4. Technical Expertise. bēacn is helmed by a technical engineer with over 20 years of experience in enterprise-grade software. This type of experience can not be faked or bought. It has to be earned. Acumatica was excited to see what value our team can add to the Acumatica partner network. 

5. Track Record of Success. Finally Acumatica noticed our strong track record of success implementing complex business systems and knew we could apply our skills to helping Acumatica customers achieve their goals and boost ROI. 

Acumatica Partner FAQ

What is an Acumatica VAR?

An Acumatica VAR (Value Added Reseller) is a partner that resells and implements Acumatica, a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. As a VAR, they offer expertise in Acumatica implementation and customization, providing clients with tailored solutions and support to optimize their operations.

Why Use an Acumatica Reseller?

Acumatica does not sell directly to its customers. Only with the help of Acumatica VAR’s does Acumatica end up in the hands of its end users. Acumatica does this as a way to avoid having to focus on selling and implementing their solution and lets them focus on improving it. 

What Are the Benefits of Working with an Acumatica VAR Partner?

There are a number of benefits to working with an Acumatica channel partner. 

  1. Specialization: By splitting responsibilities of selling, implementing, and developing enterprise business tools partners and Acumatica both get to specialize in their designated areas. Acumatica can focus on developing great tools and partners can focus on implementing them. 
  2. Tailored Solutions: Acumatica Partners are able to get intimate with their clients and learn their business in and out. This allows them to offer tailored solutions 
  3. Duel Layers of Support: Acumatica provides a free level of support to all of its users. However, an Acumatica VAR can provide an additional resource for an Acumatica user to go to when they have questions or if it’s time to expand. Partner support can also be tailored specifically to the user
  4. Long Term Business Relationship: Acumatica wants to do well by all of its users. However, with an Acumatica channel partner in the mix there is a special bond that is created between partner and user and both parties benefit from  that bond lasting as long as possible.
  5. Industry Expertise: VAR partners often have an industry that they focus on or are more familiar with than others. This allows them to provide insights into how your business can benefit from Acumatica that Acumatica would not be able to do on its own.
  6. Technical Expertise: Sometimes VAR partners bring additional technical expertise to the relationship. Such is the case with bēacn. Our team is led by a solutions architect that has over 20 years of experience engineering solutions for enterprise software users. These skills allow us to customize or integrate the Acumatica platform in ways that would not be possible without this expertise, providing our customers with a unique advantage over the competition. 

What is the Role of Acumatica VAR Partners?

The Acumatica partner plays a number of roles within the context of the relationship between Acumatica, the partner, and the users. 

  1. As mentioned earlier, as an additional layer of support and as a resource for the customer to reach out to when they have a question or related need. 
  2. Negotiation with Acumatica during the licensing process. 
  3. Technical assistance for when the user needs customization or wants an integration
  4. Collaboration with Acumatica on how to best implement the Acumatica solution for the user. 

How Does a Reseller Differ From Other Acumatica Partners

There are a number of Acumatica partners in the Acumatica ecosystem including: ISV’s, technology partners, managed services partners, and even more. 

However, the VAR is different in that its main role is to help the user purchase the Acumatica solution from Acumatica and then help the user implement that solution. 

How Does Working With an Acumatica VAR Improve my Implementation Experience?

An Acumatica VAR is usually a small group of consultants that work with a small group of clients at one time. Unlike Acumatica who serves hundreds of customers at once. Working with a VAR allows for a personalized experience when it comes to the implementation. This allows for a nuanced and well-thought out implementation that is set up to help a client meet their goals when they first considered a business system upgrade and help increase their ROI.

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