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Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

The Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is a cloud-based ERP platform designed specifically for the manufacturing industry. It integrates vital business functions with manufacturing-specific capabilities such as production management, material requirements planning, product lifecycle management, and shop floor control. Custom-built to address the unique challenges of manufacturers, it offers real-time visibility into production schedules, material availability, and manufacturing operations, facilitating improved decision-making and process efficiency.

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Unique Offering of Acumatica

Unique Pricing Model

Acumatica utilizes a consumption-based pricing structure that matches your business’s actual expansion. Differing from traditional per-user pricing models, Acumatica’s costs rise only with your business’s advancement. This ensures that your ERP expenses are closely linked to your businesses success. For companies with high revenue per sale, Acumatica’s pricing approach offers substantial advantages.

Hosting Flexibility

Acumatica offers businesses the flexibility to select their preferred cloud hosting provider for data management or opt for on-premise hosting, catering to their specific operational needs and security preferences. This tailored approach ensures that businesses can manage and access their data in a manner that perfectly matches their strategic objectives and infrastructure requirements, providing them with the freedom and authority over their data hosting choices.

Mobile Framework

Acumatica has dedicated considerable effort to ensure its platform is fully functional and easily navigable on mobile devices. Unlike other platforms that struggle with mobile integration, Acumatica stands out with its smooth and adaptive interface. This commitment to mobile accessibility guarantees a seamless user experience, enabling efficient management of tasks from anywhere. It makes Acumatica’s solution perfectly aligned with the demands of the current, mobile-first world.

Ease of Use

Acumatica has invested heavily in creating a platform that focuses on ease of use. Features such as straightforward shortcuts, a comprehensive global search function, a user-friendly interface, and extensive training resources contribute to Acumatica consistently achieving top user satisfaction ratings in analyses by Gartner and G2 Crowd. This dedication to simplicity and accessibility ensures that users can navigate the platform with ease, making full use of its wide array of functionalities to drive their business forward.

Acumatica University

Acumatica offers an extensive, no-cost training regimen to all its users, encompassing a wealth of video tutorials and thorough documentation. The program is carefully designed, including hands-on training activities and a certification pathway to deepen the educational experience. This extensive training initiative significantly simplifies the platform’s onboarding process, allowing users to confidently and efficiently leverage the full capabilities of the platform. This approach is ideal for preparing users and maximizing the platform’s overall contribution to business operations. Remarkably, access to Acumatica University is entirely free for all users.

Manufacturing-Specific Functionality

Acumatica offers a concise, powerful suite of manufacturing functionalities, enabling you to boost efficiency, ensure quality, and meet customer demands precisely. Dive into a world where manufacturing excellence and flexibility converge with Acumatica.

Some features of Acumatica Manufacturing Edition include:

  • Production Management
  • Scheduling
  • Bill of Materials
  • Materials Resource Planning
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Quality Management
  • Change Control
  • Product Configurator
  • Estimating

What is Included in Acumatica Manufacturing Edition?

The following modules are included in every version of the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition.

Financial Management

The Financials module within Acumatica’s Distribution Edition is a seamlessly integrated suite designed to empower businesses with sophisticated financial management capabilities. Ideally matched to the needs of modern enterprises, this module integrates flawlessly with the broader Acumatica ERP system, offering a unified solution for managing financial operations with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Click to discover more.

Reporting and Dashboards

Acumatica ERP’s Reporting and Dashboards module offers a dynamic and adaptable environment designed to provide businesses with the capability to create, customize, and analyze reports, dashboards, and data visualizations. Essential for organizations looking to extract valuable, actionable insights from their data across all areas of operation, this module is key. Click here to explore its features and benefits in more detail.

Inventory Management

Acumatica ERP’s Inventory Management module provides a comprehensive and robust solution designed to optimize inventory levels, enhance order accuracy, and improve the operational efficiency of businesses managing goods and resources. Addressing the complex challenges of inventory management, this module offers immediate insights into inventory quantities, order management, and logistics. It ensures that businesses can meet customer demands effectively while minimizing costs. Click here to learn more about its features and benefits.

Order Management

Acumatica ERP’s Order Management module delivers a cohesive and powerful system for managing the full order lifecycle, from initial quote to final payment. Designed for agility and productivity, it streamlines sales order processing and client interactions, enabling companies to enhance order accuracy, reduce processing times, and improve customer satisfaction. With real-time visibility into order status, inventory levels, and customer information, companies are fully prepared to manage orders efficiently, respond to customer needs swiftly, and drive business growth. Click here for additional details.

Bill of Materials and Routing

Unlock the full potential of your manufacturing processes with Acumatica’s advanced Bill of Materials (BOM). Experience the power of a multi-level BOM that encompasses revisions, work centers, labor, materials, tools, overhead costs, routing documents, and more. Designed to streamline your production workflow, our BOM feature ensures accuracy and efficiency at every stage, empowering you to deliver exceptional products with confidence. Elevate your manufacturing precision today with Acumatica. Click here to learn more about BOM features and benefits. 

Production Management

Transform your shop floor operations with Acumatica’s Production Management feature. Gain unparalleled oversight of labor, materials, scrap, and work in progress, all meticulously tracked against your plans. Acumatica’s comprehensive module empowers you to streamline processes, reduce waste, and ensure that every element of production aligns with your strategic goals. Optimize your manufacturing efficiency and take control of your production floor with Acumatica. Click here to learn more about Production Management features and benefits. 


Boost your manufacturing strategy with Acumatica’s Estimating feature, allowing for both simple and complex projections. Incorporate revision control and manage both fixed and variable overheads seamlessly within your core manufacturing framework. This tool is designed to refine your cost estimates, enhance budgeting accuracy, and streamline your production planning process. With Acumatica, take the guesswork out of manufacturing and move forward with confidence. Click here to learn more about the features and benefits of the Estimating module. 

Materials Resource Planning

Elevate your planning precision with Acumatica’s Material Requirements Planning (MRP). Strategically designed to enhance your purchasing process, Acumatica’s MRP solution leverages forecasts, planned production, sales orders, and replenishment strategies to ensure you have the right materials at the right time. Streamline your supply chain, minimize shortages, and reduce excess inventory, all while aligning with your business goals. Embrace efficiency with Acumatica’s MRP. Click here to learn more about Acumatica Materials Resource Planning features and benefits. 

Manufacturing Foundations

Acumatica’s Manufacturing Foundation, is your central hub for streamlining manufacturing operations. Access a wide range of customizable User Interfaces designed to simplify your setup and preferences, including Bill of Materials (BOM) preferences, product order types, overhead allocations, machines, tools, shifts, labor codes, and work centers. Efficiently manage your production with processing screens that allow you to create, close, and print production orders with ease. Plus, take advantage of entry screens for labor tracking, material issues, moves, receipts, and Work in Progress (WIP) adjustments. 

Engineering Change Control

Elevate your production standards with Acumatica’s Engineering Change Control (ECC), a robust tool designed to manage, approve, and version your bills of material and routings. Navigate changes with ease, from pending adjustments to reviewing change histories. With ECC, control effective dates seamlessly and ensure perfect coordination between purchasing and production teams. Empower your innovation journey by keeping your production agile and informed with Acumatica. Click here to learn more about the features and benefits Acumatica Engineering Change Control.

Common Add-Ons

The following modules are not included automatically in the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition and will come with additional costs. To see all the Acumatica modules and the features that come with them check out our Acumatica Modules and Features Guide. 

Planning and Scheduling

Transform your manufacturing operations with Acumatica’s sophisticated Planning and Scheduling feature. Integrate finite capacity scheduling, match tasks with employee skill levels, manage tool scheduling, and utilize available-to-promise insights along with what-if scenarios, all within your core manufacturing processes. This powerful tool enables precise planning and adaptability, ensuring you meet demand efficiently and effectively. Step into the future of manufacturing with Acumatica, where precision meets performance. Click here to learn more about Acumatica’s Planning and Scheduling Module. 

Arena PLM Integration

Improve your product development with Acumatica’s Native integration with Arena PLM, designed to masterfully manage every phase of your product’s lifecycle. From inception to retirement, this seamless integration ensures that you stay ahead in managing designs, production processes, and market introductions with unmatched efficiency. Unlock the full potential of your products by streamlining their lifecycle management with Acumatica and Arena PLM, where innovation meets execution. Click here to learn more about Arena PLM Integration. 

Product Configurator

Transform your manufacturing capabilities with Acumatica’s Product Configurator, designed to seamlessly integrate made-to-order product customization into your core operations. Unlock the ability to tailor products to specific customer needs, enhancing your flexibility and competitive edge. With Acumatica’s intuitive configurator, delivering personalized solutions becomes straightforward, ensuring your manufacturing processes are as dynamic as the markets you serve. Customize with confidence, only with Acumatica. Click here to learn more about Acumatica Product Configurator. 

Manufacturing Data Collection

Harness the power of real-time efficiency with Acumatica’s Manufacturing Data Collection. Through Acumatica’s mobile application, effortlessly issue materials to production orders, navigate orders between operations, and log time directly against production orders. This feature is crafted to elevate your operational efficiency and data precision, transforming the way you manage your manufacturing floor. Streamline your processes and unlock new levels of accuracy with Acumatica. Click here to learn more about the benefits of Acumtica’s data collection module. 

Acumatica XRP Platform

The Acumatica XRP platform is the framework in which all Acumatica modules and feature are built. It is included in every version of Acumatica. 

XRP Features

Low Code Framework

Acumatica offers a wealth of possibilities to streamline critical but time-consuming business operations. Through its advanced workflow features and seamless integration possibilities, processes such as procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, and various approval workflows can be effortlessly automated. This automation is achieved without any coding requirement, enabling companies to enhance productivity and reduce manual efforts with ease.

Workflow Engine

Tailor and fine-tune your business process workflows to align perfectly with your unique operational tactics. By automating these processes, you not only boost operational efficiency but also ensure detailed documentation of workflows, setting the stage for future analysis and enhancements. Employ intuitive graphical interfaces for crafting and adjusting these workflows, eliminating the need for coding expertise. Discover avenues to enhance your business operations, elevating productivity and streamlining processes minus the complexity of traditional programming.

Mobile Framework

Acumatica ERP operates exclusively in the cloud, offering the advantage of accessing vital financial and operational information from any location with an internet connection. Engineered for high responsiveness, Acumatica ensures a smooth and efficient experience on mobile devices. This aspect is particularly advantageous for various users, including field staff and contractors on-site to C-Suite executives monitoring business activities from afar. Discover how Acumatica can transform your approach to accessing critical data, making it easier to remain informed and make decisions from anywhere.

Role-Based Security

Acumatica allows for meticulous customization of access rights, leveraging advanced roles and security frameworks to guarantee the protection and controlled oversight of your data and processes. Through the implementation of role-based access controls and robust security protocols, you can preserve the confidentiality and integrity of your information, ensuring access is granted exclusively to authorized personnel. Explore how Acumatica’s flexible access permissions and security features can defend your critical business assets, keeping your operations secure under the watchful eyes of your team.

Integration & Web Services

Acumatica is equipped with built-in connectors and a secure, powerful API, facilitating effortless synchronization with essential applications at the heart of your business activities. Tap into the full potential of your technology ecosystem with Acumatica’s capability to integrate smoothly with other key systems. Explore how Acumatica can streamline your operations and enhance your software ecosystem by visiting our comprehensive guide on Acumatica Integration.

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How to Buy Acumatica for Manufacturing?

Acumatica is available exclusively through its extensive partner network. For those interested in acquiring the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, look no further than the specialists at beacn! As a Certified Gold Acumatica reseller partner, beacn stands perfectly positioned to assist you in purchasing and deploying the Acumatica platform. Let us guide you through a smooth integration of Acumatica into your business, ensuring a seamless transition and optimal configuration. Reach out to us today to kickstart your journey with Acumatica and transform your business operations. For more information on how to purchase Acumatica, check out our Pricing and Licensing Guide.

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