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Acumatica Construction Edition

The Acumatica Construction Edition is a specialized cloud-based ERP solution tailored for the construction industry. It integrates core business processes with construction-specific functionalities such as project management, cost tracking, complex payroll, and compliance management for contractors and developers. Designed to handle the unique challenges of construction projects, it offers real-time visibility into project status, financials, and operations, enabling better decision-making and project control.

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Unique Offering of Acumatica

Unique Pricing Model

Acumatica has adopted a consumption-based pricing structure that evolves in tandem with your business’s actual expansion. In contrast to the traditional user-based pricing schemes, our costs only adjust upwards as your enterprise experiences growth. This ensures that you’re only paying in proportion to your business’s success. Acumatica’s pricing model is extremely effective for businesses with high revenue per transaction.

Hosting Flexibility

Acumatica offers businesses the flexibility to select their preferred cloud hosting service for data management, or to opt for on-premise hosting if that aligns better with their operational needs and security preferences. This tailored approach ensures that businesses can manage and access their data in a manner that perfectly fits their strategic and infrastructure requirements, providing them with control and versatility in their data hosting solutions.

Mobile Framework

Acumatica has dedicated considerable effort to ensure their platform is effortlessly accessible and fully functional on mobile devices. Unlike other solutions that may struggle with mobile usability, Acumatica stands out with its streamlined and responsive design. This commitment to mobile optimization means that users can enjoy a seamless experience, managing their tasks efficiently while on the move, ensuring that Acumatica’s solution fits perfectly into the fast-paced, mobile-first world of today.

Ease of Use

Acumatica has invested significant resources to craft a platform that embodies ease of use at its core. With the inclusion of features such as user-friendly shortcuts, a comprehensive global search function, an intuitive user interface, and extensive training resources, Acumatica consistently achieves top rankings as the most user-friendly ERP system in surveys conducted by Gartner and G2 Crowd. This dedication to simplicity and accessibility ensures that users can navigate the platform with ease, making the most of its extensive capabilities to drive their business forward.

Acumatica University

Acumatica offers an extensive, complimentary training program to all users, granting access to a wealth of recorded lectures and comprehensive documentation. This thorough course is designed with training exercises and includes a certification program, enhancing the learning experience. Such a robust training initiative significantly facilitates user adoption, ensuring that users can fully leverage the platform’s capabilities with confidence and ease. This is an ideal approach to empower users and maximize the platform’s value for businesses.

Construction-Specific Functionality

Acumatica Construction Edition is tailor-made for the construction industry, equipped with features specifically designed to optimize construction project management. It allows for the efficient handling of subcontracts, guarantees adherence to compliance standards, and provides specialized reporting capabilities, including AIA, WIP, and bonding reports. With functionalities such as advanced AIA billing, CFMA benchmarking, certified payroll, and comprehensive safety compliance tracking, managing the complexities of construction projects becomes straightforward. This platform is built to transform the way construction projects are managed, ensuring every phase is executed with heightened efficiency and accuracy.

What is Included in Acumatica Construction Edition?

The following modules are included in every version of the Acumatica Construction Edition.

Financial Management

The Financials module in Acumatica’s Construction Edition is a fully integrated suite crafted to bolster businesses with advanced financial management tools. Perfectly suited for the demands of contemporary businesses, this module effortlessly merges with the wider Acumatica ERP framework, delivering a cohesive approach to handling financial processes with unmatched accuracy and effectiveness. Click to learn more. 

Reporting and Dashboards

Acumatica ERP’s Reporting and Dashboards module is an engaging and flexible platform engineered to equip businesses with the power to generate, tailor, and scrutinize reports, dashboards, and data visualizations. This module plays a crucial role for companies aiming to derive meaningful, actionable insights from their data throughout their entire operation. Click here to discover more about its features and advantages.

Construction Foundations

Construction Foundations within Acumatica Construction Edition lays the essential groundwork for construction businesses to manage their core operational processes efficiently. Gain immediate access to essential reports, including AIA, WIP, and bonding, simplifying your reporting process. Our system modernizes your operations with efficient AIA billing, CFMA benchmarking, certified payroll, and robust safety compliance tracking. Discover a new level of efficiency and precision in managing your construction projects, ensuring every detail is perfectly aligned with your business goals. Click here to learn more.

Order Management

Acumatica ERP’s Order Management module presents an integrated and robust solution for overseeing the entire order process, from the initial quotation to the final payment. Crafted for both flexibility and efficiency, it simplifies the management of sales orders and customer transactions, allowing businesses to boost order precision, cut down on processing durations, and elevate overall customer contentment. Offering instant insights into order progress, stock quantities, and client details, businesses are well-equipped to handle orders adeptly, meet customer demands proactively, and propel company expansion. Click here to learn more. 

Project Accounting

Acumatica’s Project Accounting module caters to companies engaged in project management or service provision. It features in-depth capabilities for project costing, invoicing, and financial tracking to monitor project expenditures, oversee budgeting, and secure profit margins. Seamlessly connecting with CRM, inventory, procurement, and financial systems, this module delivers a holistic perspective on project outcomes and fiscal status. It aids organizations in making data-driven choices, refining project oversight, and boosting client satisfaction with superior service quality. Click here for additional details.

Cost Codes & Retainage

The Retainage & Cost Codes modules are a pivotal solution crafted to address the intricate financial controls and reporting needs specific to the construction industry. It enhances financial accuracy and project costing by allowing precise tracking and management of retainage amounts withheld and cost codes assigned to various project activities. They ensure detailed oversight of financial flows, improving cash flow management and compliance with contract terms, thereby empowering businesses to manage project finances effectively and maintain profitability. Click to learn more about the features and benefits. 

Common Add-Ons

The following modules are not included automatically in the Acumatica Construction Edition and will come with additional costs. To see all the Acumatica modules and the features that come with them check out our Acumatica Modules and Features Guide. 

Construction Project Management

The Construction Project Management module in Acumatica Construction Edition is a comprehensive solution tailored to streamline the management of construction projects from start to finish. It provides project managers with the tools needed to plan, monitor, and control project costs, schedules, and resources effectively. This module offers real-time visibility into project performance, budgeting, and profitability, facilitating proactive decision-making and ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget. Click for more information about its features and benefits.

Inventory Management

Acumatica ERP’s Inventory Management module is a powerful and all-encompassing system tailored to refine inventory balances, boost order precision, and elevate the operational effectiveness of companies handling products and materials. Tackling the intricate issues of inventory oversight, this module grants instant access to data on inventory amounts, order coordination, and delivery operations. It guarantees that enterprises can satisfy consumer needs efficiently while keeping expenses low. Click here to uncover more details on its functionalities and advantages.

Field Services Management

Acumatica’s Field Service Management module offers an integrated platform designed to optimize the scheduling, dispatch, and execution of field service operations. This solution addresses the unique challenges faced by businesses managing on-site services, providing real-time visibility into technician schedules, inventory levels, and customer information. It enables efficient routing, service order management, and mobile access for field technicians, enhancing service quality, reducing response times, and improving customer satisfaction. Click for more information about its features and benefits. 

Payroll Management

Acumatica ERP’s Payroll module streamlines the complexities of payroll management, delivering precise and punctual payment to employees in adherence to legal standards. Perfectly integrated with the financial suite, it furnishes a holistic approach to managing payroll, including tax computations, benefits administration, and comprehensive reporting. By simplifying payroll operations, minimizing the risk of human error, and enabling in-house payroll handling, this module enhances visibility and governance over payroll costs. Click here to learn more about its capabilities and benefits.

Customer Relationship Management

Acumatica’s CRM module delivers a robust toolkit designed to streamline the way businesses engage with their customers, oversee sales operations, and execute marketing strategies, all from a single unified platform. This module is crafted to deepen customer connections, boost sales outcomes, and amplify marketing results. Providing a comprehensive overview of every customer interaction and activity, it enables businesses to offer tailored experiences, foster greater customer devotion, and propel sales forward. Explore further details about its capabilities and advantages by clicking here.

Expense Management

Acumatica ERP’s Expense Management module simplifies the workflow of expense submission, approval, and reimbursement for employees. Offering a streamlined and clear approach to handling expense claims, it significantly cuts down the hassle and time associated with expense reports. Thanks to its mobile compatibility, employees can easily log expenses from anywhere, and managers can quickly approve them, guaranteeing prompt reimbursements. This feature aids companies in managing expenditures, applying expense policies effectively, and achieving a clearer insight into spending.

Acumatica XRP Platform

The Acumatica XRP platform is the framework in which all Acumatica modules and feature are built. It is included in every version of Acumatica. 

XRP Features

Low Code Framework

Acumatica offers a wealth of possibilities for streamlining crucial but time-consuming business operations. Thanks to its advanced workflow tools and seamless integration features, activities such as procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, and various approval processes can be effortlessly automated. This is achieved without the necessity for any coding, making it accessible for businesses to enhance efficiency and reduce manual workload.

Workflow Engine

Tailor and adapt your business process workflows to align perfectly with your unique operational methods. By automating these workflows, you not only boost operational efficiencies but also effectively document these processes for future analysis and optimization opportunities. Create and modify these workflows using intuitive graphical interfaces, eliminating the need for any coding expertise. Dive into how you can refine your business operations, enhancing productivity and streamlining procedures without the complexity of traditional programming.

Mobile Framework

Acumatica ERP operates entirely in the cloud, granting you the freedom to access essential financial and operational information from any location with an internet connection. Moreover, Acumatica is engineered with responsiveness at its core. This ensures a smooth and efficient experience when using Acumatica on mobile devices, appealing to a wide range of users including field workers, on-site contractors, and C-Suite executives who need to monitor business activities while on the move. Discover how Acumatica can transform your accessibility to critical data, making it a breeze to stay informed and make decisions, no matter where you are.

Role-Based Security

Acumatica empowers you to tailor access exclusively to those who require it, leveraging advanced roles and security mechanisms to guarantee that your data and processes remain securely managed at all times. Implement role-based access controls and robust security protocols to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your information, ensuring it’s accessible only by authorized personnel. Explore how Acumatica’s customizable access permissions and security features can help protect your critical business assets, keeping your operations safe and in the trusted hands of your team.

Integration & Web Services

Acumatica is equipped with built-in connectors and a powerful, secure API, facilitating seamless integration with the essential applications your business relies on. Unlock the full potential of your technology stack by leveraging Acumatica’s capability to effortlessly connect with other key systems. Dive deeper into how Acumatica can streamline your operations and enhance your software ecosystem by exploring our comprehensive guide on Acumatica Integration.

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How to Buy Acumatica for Construction?

Acumatica is exclusively available through its extensive network of partners. For those looking to acquire the Acumatica platform, connect with the professionals at beacn! As a Certified Gold Acumatica VAR partner, beacn is perfectly positioned to assist you with both the purchasing and implementation processes of the Acumatica platform.

Let beacn guide you through the seamless integration of Acumatica into your business, ensuring a smooth transition and successful deployment. Reach out to beacn today to start your journey with Acumatica and transform your business operations. For information on how to puchase Acumatica, check out our Acumatica Pricing Guide.

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